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When did I get interested in the Wikipedia?

Begin november there was an article in a profession magazine (de ingenieur bi-weekly number 19, external link in dutch) I'm subscribed to about the Wikipedia and how it got started. So I started browsing the place.

Then my favourite conspiracy site, I go there since the guy who runs it has a technology section for new tech stuff, reported that people were trying to purge unfavourable material from here. It got me interested enough to actually read about something I didn't really care (USA foreign policy would stay the same no matter what president and that is about the only thing that will affect me as a non USA citizen) about. The arguments made for the case were not the weakest so I decided to get myself registered as a user to cast a vote to keep the page since in my not so humble opinion any allegation made should be easily countered or explained if nothing happened. In either way I hope/expect that page to morph into a more general explanation on how votes can be rigged or how an explanation on how what seem to be irregularities should be looked at.

I guess I just have an bias against just throwing away information unless it is clear that the information is wrong.

--Velthuijsen 12:57, 16 Nov 2004 (UTC)